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The fourth compilation of Questions of Iranian Philology has been published


In October of this year, the fourth collection of questions of Iranian philology devoted to topical issues of the Persian philology was published at the Department of Iranian Philology. The collection contains articles based on a significant historical period and a wealth of factual material. The collection includes scientific articles of Azerbaijani Iranian scientists, Professor Mehdi Kazimov, Professor Shafag Alibeyli, Assiosiate Professor Nushaba Alizade, Assosiate  Professor M.Mamedova, Assosiate Professor A.Mamedova, Assisiate Professor L.Makhmudova and others as well as Iranian researchers Taghi Purnamdariyan and Farhad Dorug Geriyani. The scientific editor of the collection is the head of the department of Iranian philology, professor M.D.Kazymov.

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