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The book of the professor of the Department of Arabic Philology N.N. Mammadov was published in Moscow


In the book, linguistic and stylistic analysis analyzes the language and textual structure of the Quran, the system of expressive means and norms at the lexical, morphological and syntactic levels, logical and emotive features of cultural and religious discourse. The author, in particular, justifies and defends his own opinion on one or another controversial and political issues expressed in modern studies on the language, style and text of the Quran. Based on the linguistic analysis done, the author concludes that despite the presence in the text of the Quran of a certain system of rhymes and manifestations of rhymed prose, the Quranic text is neither the one nor the other.

The Qur'an sent to the Arab people at a time when expressiveness and harmoniousness in the Arabic language reached its peak of development became a model of verbal perfection, thus emphasizing its uniqueness and originality. The book is intended for philologists, orientalists, islamavedov, as well as for a wide audience interested in the stylistics of the Koran.


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