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Online defense of master's dissertations was held at the Faculty of Oriental Studies


The online defense of master's dissertations in "Philology", "Linguistics (Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hebrew, Urdu, Chinese)" and "Literary Studies (Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Korean literature)" was held at the Faculty of Oriental Studies. The master's dissertation councils were chaired by Professor Elkhan Azizov, Professor Mehdi Kazimov, Professor Ogtay Jalilbayli and Professor Rufat Rustamov. The dissertation was defended in Azerbaijani and Russian languages. Virtual defenses include “The concept of weak consonant in Arabic and its manifestation in verbs”, “The structure of complex words in Arabic literary language”, “Word formation in Arabic as the main lexical problem”, “Vocabulary in classical Arabic”, “Al-Muwazana” by Al-Amidi "Dimensions of artistic beauty in the work", "Description and narration in the novel" Merciless "by I Gwang Sun", "Influence of Arabic literary genres in Jewish poetry in the X-XIII centuries", "Majnun and Leyli" by Abdibey Shirazi, "Verbs in modern Turkish and Azerbaijani languages" Comparison of indefinite forms ”, the role of English derivations in the creation of terminological words in Urdu” and other dissertations were met with interest by the participants. Supervisors and reviewers spoke positively about the work submitted for defense. He praised the scientific and professional training of masters, their ability to conduct scientific discussions, their ability to speak Eastern languages ​​fluently. The masters who defended the dissertation received a successful grade.




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