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Official delegation from Baku State University visited Holon Institute of Technology (İsrael)


Rector of Baku State University Elchin Babayev and Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and Communications Ali Nagiyev visited Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), Israel.

The delegation which included rector Elchin Babayev, Vice-rector  Ali Nagiyev and Michael Frenkel, President, I.T.G. Innovative Technologies Group Ltd (ITG) was welcomed by Prof. Eduard Yakubov, President of HIT who overviewed for the guests the institute and the research and academic work that is being done here. He said that this is a new beginning in the collaboration between BSU and HIT and that this future partnership will be based on the multidisciplinary approach.

Rector Elchin Babayev overviewed BSU and talked about the various challenges that the young generation in Azerbaijan faces today saying that he hopes that the collaboration with HIT will assist in finding the right approach towards these challenges. Dr. Refael Barkan, Head of the Research, Innovation and International Ventures Authority at HIT, overviewed the innovative approach of HIT including the new HandZone Acceleration program in Future HIT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.

The parties discussed possible cooperation and collaboration between HIT, ITG and BSU, such as Joint scientific conferences and submissions of joint projects for bi-national and multi-national grants; Students and Staff Exchange programs; Joint curricula for Innovative Research and Entrepreneurship; creating B.Sc. academic program tailored to BSU features and needs.

The guests visited HIT's "Vitrina Gallery" and the Faculty of Design's graduate's exhibition, and later on visited HIT's major research and study labs.  At the conclusion of the visit it was agreed that both institutions will exchange documents and will continue the mutual discussions towards finalizing the joint cooperation programs.


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