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Meeting with Professor Tahmina Rustamova on Teachers' Day


On October 5, the Ambassador of Iran to Azerbaijan, Mr. Javad Jahangirzade, visited Tehmina Rustamova, Professor of the Department of Iranian Philology, on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the scientific and pedagogical activity. During the meeting, Professor Tahmina Rustamova informed the guests about the life, scientific and pedagogical activity and acquainted them with the rich library. The ambassador praised the productive work of Professor, who provided great services in the teaching and research of Persian language, the Oriental philologist and translators, the textbooks and the textbooks. Later Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Javanshir Mammadzadeh, shared his impressions on the scientific and pedagogical activity of Tahmina Khanum. At the end of the meeting professor Tahmina Rustamova was presented the "Honorary Decree" of the Embassy and a souvenir gift.














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