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Lecturer of the Department of Arabic Philology delivered a lecture


The fifth training on "Translation School for Arabic Language Young Translators" project, which was financed by the Azerbaijan Youth Foundation, was held on 16 May 2019. The project was won in 2018 under the IX grant competition of the Youth Foundation. Project Manager Gulara Aliyeva welcomed the participants and informed them about the main purpose of the project. The fifth training of the project was held on "Simultaneous and Consecutive Translation". Trainer Aynur Zarrintaj Mammadova provided oral and written translation and synchronous translation. Interactive interpreter Mais Aghaverdiev spoke on his personal experience, simultaneous and simultaneous interpretation of the Arabic language, simultaneous and consistent translation of Arabic and Persian languages, the nuances that the interpreter must pay attention to during the translation, and information on the use of expressions in the Arabic language to Azerbaijani. In the second half of the training, the participants were given an oral translation assignment, in the form of groups, oral presentations were given in Arabic-Azerbaijani languages. At the end of the event participants were awarded certificates. The fifth project was held in the main building of Azerbaijan University of Languages. A partner organization for the project is the Azerbaijan Network of Interlocutors.
It should be noted that the main objective of the project is to increase the knowledge of young Arabian translators who aim to serve as an Arabic language translator, studying, working and volunteering in this field.

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