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Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies Javanshir Mammadzadeh attended the international scientific festival


"Parvin Etesami" Festival consisted of a total of 100 libraries in the East Azerbaijan region, including a collection of monographs and various books on poetry, calligraphy and painting exhibitions of poems by Parvin Etesami, poetry and musical meetings, and partition meetings. Six books devoted to Parvin's literary personality, including a collection of conference materials, were released. A number of selected poems translated into Azerbaijani have been published under the title "The Light of the Moon".

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Baku State University, head lecturer of the Iranian Philology Department Javanshir Mammadzadeh at the Parvin Etesami International Festival held a meeting with Tabriz University Professor Ms. Bageri on the topic "Study of Parvin Etesaminin's Life and Work in the Republic of Azerbaijan" with a speeches. In addition, the second part of the international festival was entrusted to Javanshir Mammadzadeh. The report of ten scientists was listened at that section.

An active participation in the international festival "Parvin Etesami" at the closing ceremony with participation of a number of government officials, officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, diplomatic missions of foreign countries, well-known scholars, poets, writers, art figures, students and doctoral students. Javanshir Mammadzade from the Republic of Azerbaijan was awarded with "Thanksgiving". Mr. Mohsen Javadi, Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran, presented a special diploma to Javanshir Mammadzadeh.

It should be noted that only four speakers, who are highly acclaimed, have been awarded the special diploma by the unanimous decision of the Scientific Secretariat of the event. The high level of awarding Javanshir Mammadzadeh with the scientists from Turkey, Pakistan and Bangladesh at the highest level, the sharing of photos in the special edition of the international festival, mainly caused by the great part of our compatriots.






























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