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BSU expands cooperation with universities of China


Acting Rector of BSU, Deputy Minister of Education Firudin Gurbanov, met with Wei Jinghua, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Pointing out very successful development of China-Azerbaijan relations, Firudin Gurbanov recalled President Ilham Aliyev’s official visit of to the People’s Republic of China and its importance in strengthening bilateral cooperation between two countries. Firudin Gurbanov noted that “Sinology” Department has functioned since 2004 at Oriental Studies Faculty of BSU and many students continue their education for Muster’s and PhD degree at universities of Chine. F. Gurbanov highly appreciated the activities of the Confucius Institute, established at BSU as well as the traditional “Chinese Bridge” competition, which is held every year at BSU.

Chinese Ambassador Wei Jinghua, in his turn, stressed that the Azerbaijani-Chinese relations are at a high level, and expressed his satisfaction with bilateral relations between the universities of two countries. The Ambassador touched upon the issues of implementation of double diploma program, the exchange of teachers and students, and offered the support from the Chinese side for development of future cooperation.


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