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At the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the undergraduate level, graduation work was defended


In the 2019-2020 academic year, undergraduate degrees were defended in the specialties “Regional Studies (Eastern Countries)”, “Philology (Eastern Language and Literature)” and “Translation (Arabic / Persian)”. The State Final Certification Commission for the faculty began its work under the chairmanship of the director of the Nasimi Institute of Linguistics, academician Mohsun Nagisoilu, with the participation of Dean Professor Elkhan Azizov, Head of the Department of Arabic Philology, Associate Professor Vugar Garadaghly, Head of the Department of Iranian Philology, Professor Mehdi Kazimiev, Head of the Department of Far Eastern Languages and literature, Professor Oktay Jalilbeyli, Head of the Department of Turkish Philology, Professor Rufat Rustamov, Deputy Dean for Bachelorus and Academic Affairs Javanshir Mammadzade and Scientific Secretary, Associate Professor Kenul Mammadova. Graduation protection was carried out online through the Teams platform. Thirteen bachelors spoke on the meeting on various topical issues in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Chinese linguistics and literary criticism. The defense was attended by supervisors and reviewers.

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