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The “Studies of Azerbaijan and East” section of the Science Library of Baku State University is located in the Faculty of Oriental Sciences. This section is rich in literature on Azerbaijan, countries of South Caucasus, Central Asia, South-East Asia and Middle East.

The section holds rare books, magazins and some 94 manuscripts dating back to XIII-XVIII centuries written in Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Urdu, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, French, German and other languages on science, literature, history, culture, art and geography of Azerbaijan and countres of Southern Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East.

Some of the oldest manuscripts available include “The Table of Inheritance as per Sharia” (1308) by Sheikh Hadi as well as manuscripts in Arabic and Persian languages by Alishir Navai, Omar Khayyam and Muhammad Fuzuli. There is also a variety of literature that provide overview of Azerbaijan’s history and current state of affairs.

The “Studies of Azerbaijan and East” section also holds copies of “Akinchi” (1876-1877) newspaper, as well as “Fyuzat” (1906-1907, 1920-1921), “Fugareyi Fyuzat” (1921), “Dabistan” (1906-1910), “Mulla Nasraddin” (1909-1930),. “Zanbur” (1909-1910), “Babeyi-Amir” (1915), “Tarbiyat Atfal” (1907), “Azerbaijan” and other magazines. Bibliography of magazines available in the section is kept in a format of an electronic catalogue.

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