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The Faculty of Oriental Studies

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When in 1919 the Baku State University was established, its history-philology faculty had a department of oriental studies. The faculty of oriental studies that was founded in 1922, has also established the Turkish and Persian divisions. A big role in the development of the faculty was played by famous scientists and pedagogues including academicians: N. Marr, I. Meshanikov, V. Bartold, A. Samoylovich, G. Arasly; and professors I. Oshmarin, A. Romashkevich, P. Juzeh, B. Chobanzadeh, A. Gubaydulin, V. Khuluflu, A. Mamedov, M. Alizadeh, R. Sultanov, Yu. Shirvani and others.

Professor P. Juzeh was the first dean of the faculty of oriental studies. Presently Associate Professor Aydan Khandan holds a position of dean.

Alumni of the faculty include: ex-president Abulfaz Elchibey; famous orientalists – academicians A. Sumbatzadeh, V. Mamedaliyev, N. Velikhanly; Corresponding Fellows of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan – M. Negmatova, G. Makhmudov, and others; Ambassadors of the Azerbaijan Republic to Iran, Kuwait, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, Japan, Korea, USA, Moldova, Latvia; representative of our country in UN; prominent poets and writers J. Jabbarly, A. Jafarzadeh, J. Alibeyli, A. Gajizadeh, A. Zeynally.

Along with Turkish and Persian divisions the following divisions were opened at the faculty of oriental studies: Arabic in 1957, Hebrew in 1993, Japanese in 2000, Urdu in 2001, Chinese in 2002 and Korean in 2007.

The faculty’s main research topics are related to urgent issues of oriental languages and literature.

The faculty has: four departments; two language laboratories; special rooms equipped with modern furniture, computers, TVs, satellite antennas, videotape recorders and other equipment; as well as library with rich resources.

Currently the faculty has 87 teachers, including 1 academician, 11 doctors of sciences, professors, 25 candidates of sciences (PhD), Associate Professors (dosents), 13 senior laboratory and junior laboratory assistants.

Teaching in the faculty is conducted in Azerbaijani and Russian languages. The Bachelor’s Degree programme is offered as a full time programme only, while the Master’s Degree programme is offered as either part time or full time. As of April 2008, there are 482 Bachelor candidates and 33 Master candidates studying at the faculty.

Main books of faculty members issued in last years

-A. Kerimov, Contemporary Turkish Ashug poetry, Baku, 2002

-R. Akhmedov, Literary processes in contemporary Turkish literature, Baku, 2002

-M. Makhmudov, Classic Arabic literature, Baku, 2002

-M. Rasulov, Turkish documentary – fiction poetry, Baku, 2004

-E. Azizov, Reflection of Khuramid’s movement in Arabic poetry of IX century, Baku, 2004

-T. Rustamova, Persian language (textbook), Tehran, 2004

-N. Mamedov, Orthographic peculiarities of Koran , Baku, 2004

-V. Mamedaliyev, Koran and science, Baku, 2006

-M. Kazimov, Persian poetry at the end of XX century, Baku, 2006

-A. Kerimov, The ways of expressing cases in Persian language, Baku, 2006

-R. Rustamov, Morphology of Turkish language, Baku, 2007

-O. Jalilbeyli, Some peculiarities of lexical – grammatical categories of the verbs in Japanese language, Baku, 2007

-A. Mamedova, Stress (accent) in Persian language, Baku, 2007

-A. Kasimova, Thoughts and spirituality of Arabs belonging to Jahiliya period, Baku, 2007

During the last five years three faculty members defended their Doctor’s dissertation and nine members defended their Candidate’s (PhD) dissertation.

The following bachelor degree disciplines are taught at the faculty of Oriental Studies

-Main oriental language

-Literature of the studied region

-History of the studied region

-Geography of the studied region

-Culture and ethnography of the studied region

-Socio-political system and economy of the studied region

-Translation theory

-Special courses

-Methodology of teaching the studied language

-Introduction to special philology

-Additional oriental language

-Islamic studies

-Islamic dispositions

-Koran and science


Two specializations are offered in Master’s Degree Programme:

1.Disciplines on Oriental languages:

-Contemporary issues of science (based on specialty)

-History and methodology of science (based on specialty)

-Islamic dispositions

-Language history

-Foundations of language studies

-Theoretical grammar of studied language

-Additional oriental language

-Textual study

-Comparative grammar

-Foundations of common and oriental language studies


-Source study


2.Disciplines on oriental literature:

-Contemporary issues of science (based on specialty)

-History and methodology of science (based on specialty)

-Islamic dispositions

-Theory of literature

-Additional oriental language

-World literature

-Literature of the studied region

-Additional oriental literature

-Textual study

-Theory of oriental literature

-Special course

-Source Study



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